” Every year more children are separated from a parent by crime than by divorce. GNE has identified children afflicted due to parental imprisonment and crime.”

“The children of prisoners are up to three times more likely to suffer mental health problems.”

“The children of prisoners are seven times more likely to commit crime than others.”

“We know that these children, through no fault of their own, have a high propensity to commit crime or be affected by that cycle.”

There are two sets of major problems that GNE have identified and are working hard to find solution for those problems by working closely with Indian Prison Department and with the local communities.

1. Many domestic dispute in-between married couples go up to the extent of murder and one of the parents would be in the jail and so the children are in difficult situation.

2. The family structure in India has been the extended type where grandparents live together with their children and grandchildren. Nowadays due to cultural transformation, urbanization and economic landscapes the joint family structure has been converted to nuclear family structure. Thus there is avenue for crime and separation.

Note: Domestic disputes largely take place in the modern society. One of the major reasons is suspicion on partner’s fidelity and character due to over possessiveness, love and etc. There would have been issues in the family even in the past, but never would have ended with murder like the present scenario. Because they were in a joint family system and the elderly people may intervene into the issue and would have sorted it out. Once nuclear family system came into practice the issues arise between couples, the intervention happens only by court of law. Even the small issues have the possibility to grow big and might end in cruel murder. To worsen the situation the children would have most probably seen the murder and thus the children would never be able to forgive the convicted parent.

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