GNE express sincere gratitude and looking forward to receiving constant support from each and everyone who is interested in our service.

GNE has classified supporters into different categories based on their support extended for the particular activities. 

a) Organizational Functions and infrastructure development.

       i) Initial Support for the Establishment of our project.

       1. Kanthari (IISE) – Kerala INDIA

       2. Puratchi Trust – Tamilnadu INDIA

 b) Dream Care Children Centre

      1. Dr.Jagadeswari  – Chennai made a donation to GNE via Dr M. Subathra – Chennai.

c) Edu-Gate Scholarship for Children

       1. Udhavum Ullangal Chennai – Tamilnadu INDIA

       2. SEED  Sriperumbadur – Tamilnadu INDIA

d) Psycho-Social Counseling

1. Play Therapy Materials gifted for Acute Psychiatric Inmates by employees of  Precision Controls Industry Chennai – Tamilnadu INDIA  & facilitated by Ennangalin Sangamam / Sri Ramanujam Charitable Trust.

e) Family Reunion


f) Towards New Dawn

1. Sewing Machine gifted for an Inmate’s wife by Kumaran Systems Chennai – Tamilnadu INDIA and facilitated by Dr.Sathya Jagennathan.

g) Legal Aid


h) Sustainability Plan