Teaching inside prison

Project : PX NEWS | Activities on July 11, 2013

I met an inmate who is spending his life over 11 years in Prison as a life convict. He is simply lazy for the whole 11 years under influence of sleeping dose with ugly dress in a corner. While my routine rounds to all cells. Noticed him and told his fellow mate not to allow him to take sleeping dose and prepared him for interview.
I have discovered that he obtained MA, M.Phil, PhD discontinued from Kerala state university. Unfortunately he was happened involve in sudden murder due to a small emotional issue. So he had many sleepless nights at the beginning of his prison term and he became addicted to sleeping dose. After assessing his IQ, Moods, Teaching Capacity.

With the support of Jailors, brought new dresses for him and inducted him in prison school activities as a Tutor to take classes for other inmates. I have requested the teacher to monitor his teaching style regularly for few weeks. Everyone has hidden talent, Just it has to be discovered. I conveyed thanks to the Prison Dept officials for their wonderful Cooperation.

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