“Teach a child when he/she is still young.” Take school children to prison….

We should not only take the children to places where they would like to work in or visit in the near future, we must also expose them to places they would not like to spend their lives in. If we take them to prison and arrange sessions for them with prisoners who will give them detailed accounts of prison life, children will grow up knowing that a prison is one place they should avoid by all means.

Children should be targeted at a very young age and taught about the danger of crime because the younger they are, the quicker they learn. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Very often we see school children go on school trips, visiting areas such as The National Park, museums, historical monuments and universities to witness the daily business in these institutions.

While we acknowledge the fact that it is a great experience to visit the above mentioned places, we would also like to highlight that there is one place where we think school trips should also consider: the prison. Yes, this may sound like a laughable idea, but in this country of high rate of crime, taking school children to visit prisons to see for themselves how unfavorable the living conditions are in the prison, can surely help them stay away from crime.

We believe by taking children on a school trip to prison, take them around the prison facilities and allow them to witness the life of a prisoner, can definitely serve as a great experience that indeed crime does not pay.

#GNE will try its best to arrange school children to make a trip to prison by coordinating with Education Department and Prison Department.

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