An inmate who has been arrested under IPC section 506 (II) about two months ago and lodged in prison psychiatric unit cell. With the effort of his wife, He got out of prison on conditional bail. He has to put signature on daily for at least a month in a police station.

Next day evening, when I came out from prison after my work, I could see him again in front of the prison gate with hand full of biscuit pockets. Shockingly I asked him “why are you here????”

His reply was that he wish to hand over the biscuit pockets to a prison staff to distribute to the inmates who suffer acute psychiatric illness and who are also not having anyone as visitors for a long period.

Although he had only 50Rs in his pockets but he bought 100Rs cost biscuits. He narrates that during his period of imprisonment he could not have any snacks to eat. So only he wanted give biscuits to all of them.

I admired his deed and gave him 100Rs and dropped him in bus stand to go back to his home. On the very next year the biscuits and snacks have been distributed to all psychiatric care unit inmates as per his wish.

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