Today (28.04.2014) a person came to prison as a remand for beaten his neighbor, Actually they fought only for 1 1/2 feet (cost 5,000Rs) extended house construction. I listen briefly about the issue, then I asked the remanded person whether he smoke, drink alcohol, He said “YES” per day a pocket of cigarettes (10 piece) cost 60Rs, weekly once drink alcohol with friends cost 500Rs, He started this habit at his age of 20, now he turned into 36 years old.

I asked him to calculate how much rupees he spent per month for this habit which comes 3,800 Rupees per month., Asked to him calculate for 16 years how much he spent? How much land he could have bought with that amount he spent for smoking/ alcohol habit?

He started to think deep and deep about it. Said first time he is thinking in this way… Promised that here in after he never gonna touch those items, He is going to spend those amount in his daughter’s education.

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