Meetings with “Eyes and Ears of the Court”

Project : PX NEWS | Activities on July 31, 2013
Eyes and Ears of Court
Eyes and Ears of Court

Today (31.07.2013) GNE’s psychiatric social worker had a long discussion with Regional Probation Officer and District Probation Officer along with Superintendent of Prison at his chamber. They are very much curious to learn about GNE’s activities in terms of reducing re-offending rate in India.

The Probation Officers who are the “Eyes and Ears of the Court” help the court for the speedy disposal of cases referred to them under various Acts. Being the “Friend, Philosopher and Guide” to the wards under supervision the Probation Officers are talking all possible steps for their reformation, rehabilitation reintegration, re-socialization.

Probation had its origin in America through John Augustus a cobbler in Boston who is known as ‘The Father of Probation.’ He bailed out 2000 men and women who were placed under his supervision and properly rehabilitated.

Probation is a scientific method of treatment of selected offenders within the community placing them under the supervision of Probation Officers on certain conditions to be specified by the Courts.It is a conditional suspension of sentence and not a let off. It is an alternative to Imprisonment. As such it is called as non-institutional treatment.

Out come of this meeting, GNE may submit periodical report about inmates who go home on Emergency / Ordinary Parole Leave and the impact in their behaviors in the prison after their home visit.

1. Whether the inmate able to cope with stress when they go in home or when they come back to prison?

2.Can the inmate send home again in any emergency / ordinary leave as per the rule?

3.Assess the inmates’ thinking patterns who are awaiting to get released from prison?

So GNE possibly help on this assessment for the best service deliverance under The Probation of Offenders Act to maintain the law and order and to prevent the crime.


Note: Thanks to TN Prison Dept for providing the history of Probation office / its duties.

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