There is a group of 15 people have been remanded in prison for desecration of a leader’s statue. They did this disrespectful act under influence of alcohol after the temple festival. There is a tension over the desecration of the statue. So police took action against 2 groups to avoid major violence in the village. All of them are hard migrant workers in major cities. When they come for village temple festival in name of celebration. They drunk alcohol in groups then go out of control, Get into jail, loose all their earning for court.

Today (02.05.2014) took group counseling to this group by asking them the following questions..
what is really good way to celebrate temple festival?
What do you think cooking food for poor people during temple festival?
How did you become out of control when alcohol?
In case if there is a murder where would end your future life?
How hard you work in cities then why did you waste your earnings like this?

After this group counseling session they have realized their mistakes and took pledge that they won’t commit such mistake in future and will educate others particularly youngsters in their village “DON’T INDULGE SUCH ACTIVITIES”. Majority of the crime takes place under influence of alcohol. So they also pledged to stop drinking alcohol.


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