Last Thursday made home visits to 5 inmate’s (prison) families all situated in different corners of a district. Out which an inmate’s (prison) family we could able locate only after long drive towards a typically conservative village. where three children live with grandma. As the children’s mother was killed by their father due to promiscuity issue. The father was arrested / lodged into prison four years ago. Since then No one from his family came to meet him in the prison, all because of the village rules and restrictions. Three Children live with grandma in penury. GNE made an effort to convince the whole village and relatives and gave courage to three children to overcome this challenging period. GNE agreed to extend possible support for these three children’s education. Today Thursday these three children visited to prison to see the father after 4 years. GNE initiated this father – children meeting to go peacefully with support of Superintendent of prison in Jailor Office. GNE has facilitated this re-union meeting to continue in the future too. We all emotionally break out with tears when the father touched feet of his three children and begged for mercy.

Note: Two of his children can’t even recognize him as father.

Home Visit

Home Visit

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