My Geetha and My Abi

Project : PX NEWS | Activities on September 25, 2013

Today (25.09.2013) GNE Psychiatric Social Worker heard ‘MY GEETHA and MY ABI’ these two names at least 200 times from life convicted inmates at the prison while taking case history cum psychological counselling session. OK, We might have wondered why this inmate mentioning these many times these two person names and curious to know who is that GEETHA and ABI…

Here is the answer. GEETHA is his (inmate’s) wife whom he loved more than 4 years and got married 8 years ago. Due to caste issue, His wife parent has not accepted the marriage. but they tried to convenience the parents and lived happily and also blessed with a girl child name ABI

But that some of their family members fueled oil again with caste issues and tried to separate the happiest couple, His wife’s parent also persuaded to get another marriage for his wife by brainwashing his wife. But she was not agreed to marry. All these issues finally took away his wife’s live by his hand itself. He was not aware of what he did? why he killed his wife? All because of mental agony which came out of the whole issues.

From then onwards he started to pronounce at least 100 times his wife name GEETHA and his daughter name ABI, He is now life convict / spending his life more than 6 years with the memory of his wife and daughter.. His daughters is now with his wife’s parents. He wish to know what class his daughter is studying? how she is in school and home? He has pleaded GNE psychiatric social worker to just to make a visit to his daughter by showing her childhood photo which he always carry in his pocket. He has group of photo of his wife.. It is like encyclopedia of his wife and daughter.

GNE is not saying what he did as right. It is a crime. But need to be given a healthy opportunity and compassion to heal and rehabilitate themselves. GNE is for the purpose of strengthening the  family bondage between an inmate and family members particularly children in order to reduce crime and re-offending rate in India. Please support GNE to connect these kinds of children with their lovable parents or ensure these children for good future.




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