Let children live & cherish

The nation’s children are a supremely important asset. Their nurture and solicitude are our responsibility. Children’s programme should find a prominent part in our national plans for the development of human resources, so that our children grow up to become robust citizens, physically fit, mentally alert and morally healthy, endowed with the skill and motivations needed by society. Equal opportunities for development to all children during the period of growth should be our aim, for this would serve our large purpose of reducing inequality and ensuring social justice.

If a child is a national asset, it is the duty of every individual to look after the child with a view to ensuring full development of its personality. Childre of prisoners, through no fault of their own, face unique challenges that can leave them traumatised, stigmatised and isolated. It is well known that children of crime victims also suffer from emotional imbalance. We should give enough opportunities to all children in terms of providing them adequate facilities to study, to play games and to enjoy their childhood at the maximum.

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