“No man is a born criminal; it is society that makes him so and hence society is primarily responsible for the moral, ethical and cultural problems of the modern age,”

Any discussion on prisoners in a sympathetic manner evokes a sharp response “Why do we have to care about criminals?” They are dangerous criminals! Murderers! And so on… It is a general perception of people that the prisoners are dangerous criminals and hence deserve no mercy. Anger is a behaviour which sometimes ends in crime. Crime has been the first indication of mental abnormality in some mental diseases like schizophrenia, paranoid and psychopathic personality and most of the crimes committed under the circumstances are build up by impulses, emotions backed by unreasonable grounds, immoral attitudes and unethical behaviours that may range from crimes committed out of family feuds to other bigger issues leading to which murdering one’s spouse or others.

None of us at GNE have directly experienced the pain of imprisonment of our near and dear ones. When for the first time we encountered the children who have suffered parental separation due to crime and are now imprisoned, we were shell shocked by pathetic living condition of those children. They were vulnerable, oppressed, socially excluded and high malnutrition because of the social stigma associated with being a murderer’s child. No child plays / talks with these children and they are looked upon as outcasts, forbidden and threats. They need emotional support in such an environment of undue hostility. We tried admitting them to a children’s home, but they were virtually refused to take the risk of giving any attention to these criminal’s off-springs. Thus, we decided to take the onus on ourselves, and we are really happy for it.

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