Today (14.01.2014) is Pongal festival day, One of the most popular & important festival day in Tamilnadu, India. But when it comes to children who are victims of crime. All festival days are just like another day. So GNE wish to celebrate this year Pongal festival with children who are deprived of parental care and living with grandma. As the father is in jailed for killing his wife (Mother) due to domestic dispute, out of emotion, suspicion of fidelity, alcohol influence and etc reason. GNE realized that no way the children are reason for the crime but they are undergoing most part of punishment for their parent’s crime.

GNE have identified such children by working with Palayamkottai Central Prison inmates. GNE would rescue those innocent and invisible children out of sufferings. Yesterday with the support of Mrs.Sabita from Theni SriRamanujam Charitable Trust, GNE has offered Pongal New Dress packages to 19 children and to their care giving grandmas too.. A big thanks to all supporters and well wishers. We continue to seek all your supports to reduce crime rate in India.DCS1000 DCS1002 DSC08839

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