Dire decision by a Mother and a Son.

Project : PX NEWS | Activities on July 9, 2013
Dire Decision by a mother and a son
Dire Decision by a mother and a son

Today (09.07.2013) visited to an Inmate’s house which located in a remote village of Tuticorin district. A (Inmate’s wife) mother lives with a son and young three daughters in a rental hut. As she works as a daily wager by helping building constructions. She could not able to feed and educate her four children. For safety and security reason she already admitted her three daughters into a christian charity hostel for their education. She kept the son alone with her to avoid the feeling of her loneliness.

Although they live in very poor condition. she encouraged her son to secure high marks in his 10th Class Exam. As per the mother’s dream, the son also secured high marks of 344 out of 500 in 10th class exam. For stupid reason, The boy was denied to get admission for 11th class into a Higher Secondary School.

To address the issue. GNE made direct visit to the school and spoke to the School Head Master. After explaining the importance of the boy’s education to HM. They agreed to give admission. But after visiting the boy’s house. GNE did not wish the boy to struggle with mother in a poor living condition.

So Now the mother took dire decision to send her son to Chennai for higher studies with hostel facilities. The decision was made along with son’s consent. (Even though it is a pains-taking effort to separate a mother and a son but for the reason of bringing prosperous life to this poor family)

We at GNE will facilitate to secure admission for the son’s higher studies in Chennai and GNE will regularly monitor his academic record and encourage him to attain superior status in life.

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