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A person commits a crime having the least idea about life in prison and showing no qualms in rigorous imprisonment. As the day passes in the prison, they gradually come to realize the values of life, family, time and society. With every day’s hardships meekly tolerating and bearing the suffering in the fortified wall of the prisons, their life is crushed and the dreams are shattered. In the prison, there will be no one to voice their concern about the unending grimness. Living with these problems every day and every moment will throw them away from the reality and normality, unable to cope up with the unbearable fate. They lose the capacity and immunity to combat the problems that take a heavy toll on their psychological, emotional and physical beings.

The Crime-Free India Mission attempts to educate the common man to analyze a problem in a psychological perspective and to teach them that a crime is not a solution for their family, economic and societal problems. We share the root-cause analyses of a crime circumstance and the aftermath impact on the lives of victim’s family. We will have an insightful discussion on every aspect of crime control in India and crime that stumble world as well.

GNE would organize events and awareness camps on attaining this noble mission by inviting ex-prisoners / affected family / Police & Prison officials / Human rights activists / legal experts.

Please stay tune in and leave your valuable comments and feedback on this discussion. Please pledge to make India as Crime-Free Country.

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  1. A ‘Crime Free India’ campaign by Govt. of India / Team India can improve the GDP of the country by 2-3% in 1 years time. Much of it has to be preventive work and not rehabilitative work. Who can take this message to the PMO effectively? Rgds-

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