Friends of Police

Project : Crime-Free India Mission | Activities on July 29, 2013


Today GNE member took off from Prison Visits because young man sought a help that he is a first generation learner who got a job placement in a reputed company on temporary basis but it will be permanent after 2 years.

As per the company rule, he must submit police verification report saying no criminal cases on his name. To obtain this certificate from police, he went to the police station but he was bombarded in last week by citing various rules and asked to come via Police Commissioner Office.

When the frustrated fellow approached GNE member, We felt this is a need for him, just accompanied with him today to police station, spoke to the police inspector, received the right direction from police commissioner office, They assured by tomorrow morning this fellow will get “No Objection Certificate” from local police station as they make inquiry visit to his house today evening.

The bottom line of GNE’s work is not only to reduce re-offending rate in India and also make India as Crime-Free (Less) Country by ensuring or assisting the next generation to know how to handle stressful situation without ending in trouble.


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