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Emotional Support

 A father from a reputed family sent his well behaved son to study in a neighboring state. The father dreams lot about his son’s future because he believes his son would be very confident and successful in every step of his life and face life with courage.

Suddenly there was some agitation against the college administration by humiliated hostel inmates and College properties were damaged by the mob of student. Relating to this case his son has been kept under remand in prison.

When I entered the prison, the young son was standing with tearful eyes. He said he was innocent and had no role in that unexpected incident. Whatever may be the truth may be expected to come out soon. But a well behaved student’s life should not get affect by this short period of imprisonment. I have provided emotional support to the student and convinced the prison authorities to place him in one of the safest block. I have also provided same emotional support to the parent over phone as all the family members are in deep sorrow for the first imprisonment in their family. Meanwhile they are preparing to come with all legal aid to rescue him.

In this case at least I could prevent the son to not to make big scar in his future because of this imprisonment rather he can learn a good lesson from this experience. I also provided comfort to the parents by ensuring the son’s safety inside prison and told not to shatter their dreams about son’s future. We will try to encourage everyone to make their own bright future by reducing re-offending rate in India and preventing future crime.

Love each others

An Inmate at Prison told… Sir, we at prison, some of us are breeders of all bad thoughts, some of us are great liars and cheaters, cruel and heartless people then how could you show mercy on us and love equally?.

We answered: Still we are all human beings. No one born to be a criminal. So we have to love each others then we can change all the bad thoughts inside.

First day experience from Prison

Last night a prison inmate has committed suicide by hanging himself at Palayamkottai Central Prison. He was convicted for murdering his wife in 2006. He has no visitors from his family although he has two young daughters and elderly parent. This scenario led him depression to frustration. The mental disturbance took away his life.

Hence it is not good sign for us; as it is first day of our work to begin in this central jail. we felt sad and paid homage to this departed inmate. we realized the importance of this noble service. So today we started work with most depressed prisoners. we will go regularly work along with prison official according to correctional administrative rules. We will ease inmates from their mental trauma by supporting their children and bridging family members with prisoners.

We feel more humble and responsible to reduce re-offending rate in India. We will achieve this mission. No matter the obstacles lay in front of us.

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