To Reduce Re-offending Rate in India

1.Dream Care Children Centre

We provide residential care for the child who might be depriving of even a single parental care. Due to crime related issues and/or does not have anyone to take care of the food/stay in the absence of their parents. We believe any child should have regular visit to the parent who’s in the prison as no one else might share the love and affection like a parent. We are in the pursuit of identifying a place which would be apt for pursuing their dream(s) in every district of India and lodge them in their respective districts. Since it’s one of the prime motto of GNE we’d like to invite retired seniors and eminent personalities across the globe as volunteers in imparting new skills, humanitarian values and sharing their rich experiences with our children. #volunteer


As the children are witnessing crime related issues pertaining to imprisonment of father / mother due to domestic disputes. Such a concept of GNE would sweep the traces of horror by convalescing with appropriate care.

2.Edu- Gate Scholarship for Children

Edu-Gate Scholarship for Children is a program by GNE (Global Network for Equality) which is a facilitation platform to educate children who lives with single parent and surviving with support of meager income as one of the parent is lodged in prison. GNE will arrange the scholarship with the support of Udhavum Ullangal Chennai, Mugavari Foundation Chennai and sponsors from many other organizations and individuals.


Protecting young minds from threat of child sexual abuse, molestation and exposure to anti social elements, treat them as apple of our eye by empowering them with education to lift their status in society.

3.Psycho-Social Counseling

GNE also work on emotional needs and psychological aspects to reform the inmates in prisons by sending professionally qualified psychologists / social workers. Based on the experience gained from counseling session GNE train the prison staffs on the method of managing hard core prison inmates. Upon completion of their term GNE will try to re-integrate them with their grown-up children to make a prosperous family.


Measures inducted by GNE to resurrect the lost inertia in life by exponents of psychiatric podium to challenge society at large.

4.Family Reunion

About 50% of the prison inmates do not have any of their family members visiting them. The reasons may be due to mental agony and/or trauma and/or panic and/or stigma and/or accessibility to prison due to inability to afford the travel expense. In some cases the family members do not know the whereabouts of the inmate and so they may not have visited. GNE tries to establish contact to such families and intimate them and may also do counseling (if required) to make sure that they come and visit. In some cases GNE provide funds for their transport.


Strengthening bonds with family members who feel helpless in meeting the inmates due to various reasons, by relieving them with suitable relief.

5.Towards New Dawn

This is a service program by GNE. It creates employment opportunities for the ex-prisoners and family members of prisoners. In which GNE enroll them into job skill training at the nearest centres. GNE assist them to avail bank loans to set up small scale ventures. GNE also provide opportunity to work in our sustainable business plan for the ex-prisoners that enables them to be independent. GNE create awareness on impact of imprisonment and way to self-control techniques in an angry situation. The above mentioned endeavor helps us to curb the vicious cycle of crime.


GNE is a service provider encapsulating issues like employment opportunities / imparting skill training programs / availing bank loans to boost small scale ventures.

6.Legal Aid

GNE offers legal guidance to the needy prisoner’s families. GNE provide qualified advocate to ensure the legal rights of the children of prisoners who live with single parent, as it often happens that the child is unaware of the particular rights pertaining to the issues.


Operating an advisory cell with legal components of empowering child rights.

7.Sustainability Plan

To sustain the functioning of our children’s home, the Dream Care Children Centre, GNE engages in several activities such as organic farming, setting up bio-gas units, production of Eco-friendly and non- plastic materials, roof-top gardening, livestock rearing and etc. In these activities, GNE involve the families or relatives of the prisoners who might have failed to secure a job due to imprisonment of their family member. Some families are left without any source of income due to discrimination which plunges them into poverty. The success of this sustainability plan will reduce the cost of running the Dream Care Children Centre in several ways.


It provides new hope and avenue for the ex-prisoners to start a new life and drastically reduce the chances of ‘re-offending’.

Future Plans

There are 123 central Prisons in India. GNE started to work in Palayamkottai Central Prison at first and replicate the same model in other prisons across India. In the next stage, GNE aim to launch the same concept to reach in Hotwar Central Prison (Ranchi- Jharkhand), Chanchalguda Central Prison (Hyderabad- Andhra Pradesh), Imphal Central Prison (Manipur). GNE aim to provide best possible resources, care, affection, guidance, support, enriching environment, may be to a small population prisoner’s children, without any compromise to the quality. This will ensure that the children who are most vulnerable and are in extreme need would grow up as best citizens.