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The Mother died by Covid infection and the father was a life convict but the daughter has secured 537 marks out of 600 marks in 12th Std Exam.
Ward of Life convict beats odds to secure high marks
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“Global Network for Equality (GNE)” is a registered organization in Tirunelveli that mainly aims to reconstruct the lives of children of crime victims in India and to eliminate their social stigma by providing appropriate care, education, emotional support and a conducive environment to enable them to cope with the deprivation of parental care, and further to reduce the rate of intergenerational crimes by enabling and implementing restorative justice practices.

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To Break the vicious cycle of crime, we need to protect the children of crime victims by providing them with equal educational opportunities.

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Raise your helping hand for educating innocent Children.

Rehabilitation, reformation, and reintegration with family or society are the only keys to reducing recidivism among prisoners.

K.R Raja
Founder of GNE, India

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what we do

To reconstruct the lives of the children of crime victim in India and to eliminate the social stigma.

Milestones & Achievements

Postive Impact on Children and families

Over a period, we have impacted positively to bring social change in many ways including educating children, reducing re-offending rate in India.

919+ Student Enrolled

73+ Graduation

13+ Post Graduation

17+ Working Professional

34+ Free Legal Aid

449+ VCF Support

23+ Family Rehabilitation

11+ Prisons Reached out

19+ District Covered

2500+ Psycho-Social Counseling

214+ Family Financial Assistance

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